Rocket League in Real Life (RLIRL) Completed!

RLIRL was finally completed! The page in All Projects has been updated with videos and all the latest info on it. It’s a showcase of the industry practices learned in CSE 442 Software Engineering Concepts. RLIRL was a group project heavily focused on Agile development and team developing. Read more about it and see the finished product in All Projects.template1


Trainwreck has been completed. I did not post continual updates as it was a shorter term project and classes have generally kept me busy. Check the All Projects section for a download link (after 5/14, when it will be showed at the UB DMS Student Show)

EDIT: Full open source project with gameplay and screencaps is posted in All Projects tab.


New Projects Trainwreck and DnDBoT

Trainwreck – A project for a course on virtual reality and desgined for the HTC Vive, Trainwreck puts you in a precarious situation of being forced onto a speeding train with no idea how to stop it and only a short amount of time to find out.

DnDBoT – A personal project for a JavaScript Discord bot to use in games of virtual Dungeons and Dragons, being developed during a Discord based DnD 2e game, mostly to exercise my JavaScript but also as a tool for future use. Features dice rolling, timers, and in progress is a complete list of the Monstrous Manual (all creatures in the known 2e DnD world) and the complete list of spells available in 2e DnD (likely created through JSON database).

Updates on both coming up!

Voider Update #7 FINAL UPDATE

I am happy to finally say that Voider has reached the end of it’s development. Is it done? Eh, I would always want to add more to it. I never got to implement enemies, which I had wanted. There will always be something. However, as a final surprise, I did spend the last few days making a new HTC Vive exclusive Voider VR. Enjoy the gameplay footage and if you have a Vive handy, I’ll throw up the demo link in the All Projects section. Cheers, until the next one!

Check out All Projects for Windows/Mac VR and non-VR demo downloads, totally free.

Voider Update #6 (DEMO)

DEMO Download Link:

Here is the first fully functional demo of Voider with all levels implemented. This is as far as I plan to take it for the confines of my class, as it’s ending soon and I would like to use my remaining time to create an HTC Vive compatible VR version of the game.

The game lacks instructions and has limited UI, so check the bottom of this post for a quick how-to.

Things I would’ve liked to add (and may in the future):

  • Enemies. I had a few drawn up but not enough time to make them full enough that I would’ve been satisfied with them, so they got pushed to the backburner (with the exception of the endgame boss, which is complete)
  • More puzzle-based challenges. Most of the levels included are fairly linear and exist mostly as an introduction to the game’s mechanics. It would be nice to see these mechanics fully realized. I feel the only level to really challenge the player is the second to last, where you acquire the yellow weapon, and I would’ve liked more levels like this one.
  • A redesigned FPS character. I used Unity’s stock FPS controller to save time and energy writing my own and I regret it. There is too much interaction between the player and the other elements in the game to go back and redo everything. The physics are a bit glitchy and pressing space twice will cause you to double jump, but it works for this application at least.
  • More visual details, audio cues, and overall polish

How to play this demo of Voider:

  1. Download zip and extract to it’s own folder on your machine
  2. Launch .exe file (Windows, sorry Mac users, soon enough!)
  3. WASD to move, left click to fire projectiles. You may only have 8 up at any time, firing the 9th projectile destroys the oldest one (if 8 exist at that moment)
  4. The goal is to find the large crystals and fire your projectiles at them to light them up. Easier said than done, as the levels are completely dark. You’ll need to use existing crystals and your projectiles to see.
  5. As you unlock more weapons, you can switch between them with number keys. They are a bit out of order, so the corresponding keys are:
    1. White
    2. Red
    3. Green
    4. Yellow

Thanks for reading and enjoy the demo!

Voider Update #5

Wow, I’ve made a a lot of progress over the last month or so. Lately I’ve been working on new weapon types for the player, color coded and all light based. Everything you can create generates light and shows the environment completely differently. First off, a red weapon that acts similarly to a shotgun:


Low fire rate, high damage (boss fight incoming!), bullets have very short lifetime. The bullets can light crystals.

Next a green floating point light:


I’ve been referring to them as “breadcrumbs” since they help keep track of where you have been and can keep landmarks visible.

Finally a yellow bomb:


The bomb detonates on a timer and blows away loose objects. It also lights up crystals, allowing for unique puzzle building around this weapon. It will damage enemies once I implement enemies, however it is not an efficient way to do it.

Finally, future plans. Once I implement the last weapon (Blue) I am going to begin working on a boss fight, which I already have modeled and animated. Then I’ll begin working on various enemies you will encounter in normal levels after the first boss fight.They won’t be incredibly threatening, but something you must deal with to stay alive. I am planning on creating a handful of more levels as well, one is already complete.

Voider Update #4

Link to executable:

The only missing component to this demo is the end boss fight, which is the next task. This demo lets you play all of the current for the first area in the game. I do not know how many levels I will be able to create in the time I have to finish this, but likely only one area.

Essentially, you have to shoot (by left click) lit up projectiles to see in the dark world. You’ll also have to strike the large moving crystals with a projectile to light them up, and you have to light all crystals to move on.

Voider Update #3

Not much to report as it was midterm week for me. Added a lot of logistical things like death and scene traversal, no new mechanics or levels. I have a boss fight completely modeled and planned, just needs animation and code at this point. Hope to have more exciting stuff to share next week!

Voider Update #2


I’ve designed a new level for the game and fully implemented it. It features two scalable towers, one circular and one square, filled with pitfalls and shattered crystals. It is very linear but it is inteded as an early level, so that’s alright. This is one of the first places you’ll visit in the finished product and I have to say I’m quite impressed with how nice that tower looks. Much prettier than I thought it would be. Check out more details in the “All Projects” section.